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Career, self-realization, relationships, family, health - the daily issues of life are stealing our energy and make us restless. This happens, very often, at an enormous price, while the challenges and demands seem to constantly grow. The little time we have left for ourselves flies by at an incredible speed.

The result is a faster spinning vicious circle, in which many feel lost, helpless and alone. Stress is a major issue in our current times. Hustle is the daily strategy, trying to meet all of the demands that a "successful" modern life seems to require. But who is the one who misses out and suffers? You - and then, one day, you are no longer willing to, or can no longer cope with, these daily pressures.

Exhaustion and an inner emptiness are written in so many faces. We suffer, and there is a certain kind of pain and desire deep inside, a desire that cannot be satisfied by status, consumption or distraction. We try so hard to not feel the pain, we work harder and we run faster. The hustle and all the material things we accumulate do not help. The result is more pain and often illness. None of these strategies help. Because what we really need to do is to face and comprehend our inner core. It is impossible to find deep healing, permanent well-being, joy and love in the outer world.

light up your soul – guidance, coaching and inspiration

The search for inner balance, for equilibrium, calmness and happiness, is a journey full of questions. Questions which each one of us has to ask ourselves - and the answers are completely different for everyone.

Why am I here? What is my soul purpose? Who in the world am I and why am I even here? You cannot find the answers in any self-help or spiritual book. They are buried deep inside of your own soul. Only the discovery of your deeply hidden inner life will make you understand who you really are, and what your purpose is. Everything you are looking for and everything you need is already right there, hidden inside of you. It is waiting to be discovered by you! Your soul is waiting for you!

balance and healing

Your inner voice will give you answers and orientation in today's hectic life. light up your soul can help you find the way to your inner voice and heal your senses so that you can see clearly and understand:

  • why am I unhappy?
  • why do I feel so sick and exhausted?
  • why do I never get what I really want?

light up your soul can help you find your answers. It is my soul purpose to help you heal and find the way back to your real self. I am looking forward to going on this journey with you in order to bring back into your life the keys for happiness: light, love and the lightness of being.

turn your light on!

Silke Kuhn - Light up your Soul

So lovely that you are here!

"Sometimes you have to risk believing in something. Faith will follow"

Author unknown

Simply read with an open heart and allow yourself be guided.

enjoy it!